Carol Nantogo Blasts Hateful Fans

Posted: 2020-04-08T07:40:27Z Read: 1,722 times
Carol Nantogo Blasts Hateful Fans

Musician Carol Nantogo was signed by KT management months ago after quitting Golden band productions where she kickstarted her career.

A number of her fans didn't like it and they have since been trolling her online.

She finally had enough of their negative vibes. She told them to stay away from her social media pages. She advised them to choose other musicians since they are tired of her.

"Hey please take away your bad energy if I disgust you , you're free to unfollow. Follow those other people who make you happy instead of stressing us. We are many in this world, so choose what to take. We only live once, you can't stop me from doing what I want with your insults. Let me live my life my way. Live your life your way," she posted on her social media pages.