Rema Sabotaged  my Music Career - Pia Pounds

Posted: 2020-04-03T08:31:11Z
Rema Sabotaged  my Music Career - Pia Pounds

Upcoming musician Pia Pounds was signed by Big Talent Music owned by Eddy Kenzo in 2018.

Kenzo promised to make her a star in the music industry. He also assured   her that he would meet the costs for audio and video production, and promotion of her music.

After few months, rumours started circulating that she was having an affair with Kenzo. 

She came out and cleared air saying that the relationship she had with him was a professional one.

Her comments didn't stop the rumours from swirling in the industry. She later decided to quit the label to avoid further tarnishing of her brand.

After months as a solo musician, she has decided to take a swipe at Kenzo's ex girlfriend, Rema Namakula.

Pia Pounds claims Rema often blocked Kenzo from funding her music projects.

For two years, Rema treated her like an enemy who was sleeping with her man.
"I can never be friends with Rema. She did a lot of bad things to me. Actually, she sabotaged my career while I was signed to Big Talent Music," she explains.

Rema often claimed that Pia Pounds is among the girls that ruined her romantic relationship with Kenzo.