Tip Swizzy Joins Aziz Aziz To Troll  Kenzo 

Posted: 2020-02-27T06:46:18Z
Tip Swizzy Joins Aziz Aziz To Troll  Kenzo 

Dancer Tip Swizzy has  joined also joined Aziz Azion to attack fellow musician Eddy Kenzo.

 The 'Nkumira Omukwano' singer said he played a great role at the start of Kenzo’s career but he’s hurt that Kenzo doesn’t mention him during interviews.

Tip Swizzy also added a voice saying he pushed Kenzo’s career in more ways than one.

“I gave him a collabo that went on to become a hit. I sang for him at shows for free. And I also introduced him to stylish clothes. Like the colors pants,”  Tip Swizzy said .