Bebe Cool is full of hatred - Gravity Omutujju

Posted: 2020-02-26T09:27:14Z Read: 2,788 times
Bebe Cool is full of hatred - Gravity Omutujju

Bebe Cool is one of the most attacked musicians on social media in Uganda.

Luga-flow rapper Gravity Omutujju who recorded a song with the singer dubbed “Kerere” a few months ago says Bebe Cool is full of hatred. He sabotaged the song and refused to shoot a video.

“I don’t have any issues to beef Bebe Cool but I just give him his respect as a grown up person. In fact, that guy even has hatred. I did a song with Bebe Cool titled ‘Kerere’ but he blocked the song till we gave up on it. He blocked the audio and also failed our plans of shooting a video for the track,” he posted on his social media platforms.

“Kerere” was one of the worst performing songs in Bebe Cool’s music career.