ANALYSIS: How Musicians Who Shone Last Year Are Performing this Year So Far 

Posted: 2020-02-18T07:03:47Z Read: 3,014 times
ANALYSIS: How Musicians Who Shone Last Year Are Performing this Year So Far 

2019 happened. They came. They sang. They conquered. Here is a list of musicians who gave us great hits last year and how they are performing now.


Vinka was at the top of the game last year. Her promise at the start of 2019 was to release a song at the beginning of every new month. She delivered on that, and many of her songs got good reception. It was a great year for Vinka with the highlight being her deal with Sony Music. 

While many celebrated her deal with Sony, others said it was time to write her epitaph. 

“Sony doesn’t build Ugandan stars. It takes them off the scene and buries them,” observers often commented during interviews.

Sony had previously signed Keko and Nava Grey but nothing special came from the deals for both artistes. They never dropped any top hit song during their stay at the record label.Keko left grumbling.

Will Vinka sink to the same valley of regret? Looking at her performance this year, she has not released any song yet. Her fans might be feeling the drought. 

John Blaq

John Blaq is proving his naysayers wrong. When he emerged onto the scene with a hit song, Tukwatagane, many assessed that his style was not sustainable.  That he’d go into the books of one hit wonders. He released more hits, one after another throughout the whole of 2019.

John Blaq is still doing well. His song 'Nekwatajo' is on rotational airplay in bars, and media stations. He has also released a new song with Nigerian singer Slim Prince.

Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool never stops shining. If he has no music, he will talk about Zuena or insult Bobi Wine and get our attention. Last year, he had music. He released a couple of songs that performed well such as Nkuliyo, Wire Wire, Easy, and others, all of which had fantastic videos. Even when his political statements irked fans, his music softened hearts. 

He started this year with a collaboration with Nigerian star Rudeboy titled, Feeling. He promises to repeat the same success he enjoyed last year.


Grenade had been around for a long time but he broke out last year with the song 'Nkuloga'. He escorted it with 'Olimba' and a few collaborations. His songs won him fans and attention. But towards the end of 2019, he became more famous for his affairs with women like; Sheila Gashumba, Amanda and Nnalongo Maggie than he was for music. He is now known as a gigolo and it has become hard for him to go above that label. His new songs have failed to gain energy as his breakout song.

Fresh Kid

A lot happened in the life of Patrick Ssenyonjo aka Fresh Kid. He became a big star thanks to his rapping prowess and  amusing personality. He released 'Banteke', 'Bambi' and a host of other songs, winning lots of fans.

Fresh Kid won awards, a scholarship at Kampala Parents Primary school and got his family from the village. It resides in Kampala.

The youngster, however, suffered a series of challenges as much as his wins. There was constant friction between Fresh Kid’s former manager Francis Kamoga and his dad, Mutaabazi alias Fresh Daddy and many other associates. Kamoga and Fresh Daddy failed to connect leading to fall out. Before that Fresh Kid had lost his songwriter, 14k Bwongo. Fresh Kid would have had a bigger year considering his potential but his management was letting him down. 2020 started well for him. He has a song titled 'Tozikiza', a song about poverty. The song  earned him the attention of Aljazeera where he  recently featured.
Will Fresh Kid keep his pace? We hope he drops more songs.

Spice Diana

She is aggressive. She has fire burning in her. She wants to stay up there on the charts. Last year, she released a number of songs including 'Omusheshe' and 'Jangu Ondabe'. Her songs did extremely well. Her social antics also added to her flame.

2020, she has started from where she stopped.

Special mentions 

Beenie Gunter

He always has a song going but he remains underrated. Will this be the year he get the recognition he deserves?

Karole Kasita

She worked hard last year, released a few bangers and ended the year with a concert. We are yet to feel her vibe this year.