Chameleone Will Come First in Everything - Manager Bijour

Posted: 2020-02-06T07:21:18Z Read: 1,370 times
Chameleone Will Come First in Everything - Manager Bijour

Last month, we ran a story of Jose Chameleone falling out with his management and it has come to pass.  Chameleone officially announced that he is under new management of Bijour Fortunate, a female manager.

He said the two have been friends for a long time and he trusts her.

According to Jose Chameleone, His Fans should only expect the best from him this year because he is now in the right hands.

"Everything will be  handled professionally. You're going see more new music and  international collabos. She is a nice manager, and she has been my friend for longtime, I didn't meet her today," Chameleone said.

He added, "The feature is female, it is going to be strictly music and artiste. Trust me as his manager, he Will come first in everything we do, the people should expect a different Chameleone with a professional management," Bijour said.

Bijou Fortunate is the co-owner Muchachos that has majored in events marketing. Her experience in marketing is believed to be Paramount in her new venture with  Chameleone. Bijou is the first female manager to singer Chameleone. Previously, Chameleone was managed by Jeff Kiwa, his brother Humphrey Mayanja, Jeff Kiwa, Sam Mikasa, Mutima among others