Assesing Cindy’s Boom Party Concert 

Posted: 2020-02-05T08:17:48Z Read: 3,402 times
Assesing Cindy’s Boom Party Concert 

Singer Cinderella Sanyu alias Cindy will be the first Uganda female artiste to stage a concert at Cricket Oval, Lugogo on 7th March 2020. Her venue choice left many talking, wondering if she is ripe enough for Cricket Oval.

We decided to assess the progress of the concert with just a month to go. 

Trolling Sheebah

To keep everyone talking about her show, she has concentrated on attacking Sheebah. In her interviews, she throws jibes at “nkwatako” singer. 
This has given her mileage and chance to steal headlines in leading entertainment bulletins and blogs. 

This Sheebah- Cindy fued has created awareness about her upcoming concert. She is so far scoring highly, we hope it translates into numbers that will fill the venue.

Resurrecting forgotten singer Clever J

Cindy recently visited faded singer Clever J at his home and promised to give him a platform that could aid his much wanted comeback.


This has not worked out as anticipated by the “Mukodo” singer. The reason is simple, very many people got access to Clever J before she did and there was nothing new and special about the whole set-up.

Her move to give Clever J a platform for a comeback has been seen by many as a guerrilla marketing technique. Many say she is taking advantage of the former Leone Island singer. This has put the success of her concert at stake.

Public appearances

Cindy has terribly failed at this. With a month left to her major concert, she is everywhere like MTN network. She is supposed to be doing only media tours.

However, the former Blue*3 songstress is still performing in local bars and at events together with her band.


 If this is not well handled in the remaining month, the singer might not attract revellers at Lugogo.


This should be the biggest worry in Cindy’s camp.  With a month to her concert, one can hardly trace a Radio, Television, Print Media and Digital media advert of the Boom Party concert besides the different artwork pieces making rounds on social media.


The marketing team in Cindy’s camp is sleeping on the job. They have not tried to push the concert. The concert visibility is poor. Very many people are not aware of her upcoming show.