Ghetto Kids Receive An Early Christmas Gift

Posted: 2019-12-22T04:18:25Z Read: 3,262 times
Ghetto Kids Receive An Early Christmas Gift

The Ghetto Kids are less likely to be thrown out of their house. This is after Rebecca Kadaga instructing Members of Parliament to contribute 250,000 each towards the debt the kids are burdened with.

The kids are supposed to pay 100M + before the end of the year. In a recent press conference they said they had so far raised less than 5M, expressing fears that they were going to be thrown out.

The Ghetto Kids were invited to perform at the Parliamentarians end of year party, and it during the occasion where the Speaker called on MPs to support the kids.

Now, the latest news is that payment is in the pipeline and the house owner has given them a grace period after learning Pariament's contribution.

We wish them well