List of Top 2019 Ugandan Hits

Posted: 2019-11-25T07:30:45Z Read: 10,887 times
List of Top 2019 Ugandan Hits

The artistes on the list are those whose songs are the most popular and have massively enjoyed most airplay on our local media platforms and entertainment events.

1. Party after Party by Big Trill

It has been trending since August. It is still breaking records in Africa. It is a Ragga dancehall song that was produced by the versatile Big Trill.

2. Gutujja by Rema Namakula and B2C

This song received massive airplay on radio and TV station. Gutujja was produced by Nessim.The romantic melodies are popular among women.

3. Chikibombe by Levixone

Being a Gospel song, few people expected it to be a hit throughout East Africa.It has defied all the odds and is one of the best selling songs at the moment.
The Chikibombe song was produced by Daddy Andre. 

4. Makanika by John Blaq

Produced early this year by Daddy Andre, it is one of the few songs which proved John Blaq's critics that he is here to stay. The song Makanika has good visuals and it is one of the reasons it has stayed as a big hit until today.

5. Omusheshe by Spice Diana and Ray G

This song brings two cultures together. The Omusheshe song helped Ray G penetrate Kampala market. It received massive airplay from Western Uganda and other parts of Uganda.  It was produced by Oman Rafiki.

6. Omubwati by Fik Fameika

He collaborated with African lion Patoranking. It was produced by Artin pro and his hands gave it a different vibe.

7. Wire Wire by Bebe Cool

He is the only old school guy giving young guys hard time. The song talks directly to the heart. The song was produced by Producer Ronnie and it has managed to be on charts for three months now.

8. Silwana by Sheebah Karungi and Carol Nantogo

The song was produced at the time Sheebah and Cindy were involved in a verbal war. It was alleged that Sheebah was responding to Cindy. The song produced by Diggy Baur. It's one of the favourite songs for the women.

9. Jangu Odabe by Spice Diana

2019 has been Spice Diana's favorite year, from organising a successful concert to producing hits after hit this year. In this song, her speed on the beat gave the song a different sound. The song was produced by Nessim.

10. Sunday By DJ Roja and Slick Stuart featuring Tonix 

The song Sunday was produced by Nessim. It was mastered very well and produced coherently with the vocal ability of Tonix. It doesn't leave lovers them seated in night clubs and bars.

11. Sikikukweka by Daddy Andre

He is a fully established artiste and a producer. The melodic song has unique beats and lyrics. For four months now, the song has been topping various charts on radio stations and TV.

12. Signal By Eddy Kenzo

This song gave Eddy Kenzo a come back in the  music industry. It was produced by Daddy Andre. 

13. Tobilobelamu by Fik Fameika

It was allegedly written and produced to mock his ex girlfriend Sheilah Gashumba. The song Tobilobelamu has been on the airwaves since February this year.
A number of media personalities and Kampala Celebrities graced the video which increased it's airplay on radio and television.

14. Boom Party by Cindy Sanyu 

It is a club banger that's almost on every DJ's playlist. The song was produced by Zuki Tums who mastered the beats to Cindy's flow.

15. Nkuloga By Grenade Official

This song Nkuloga was a club anthem for months. It has catchy lyrics and beats that keep partiers on their toes. The song was produced by Roni.

16.  Wine and wine by Pallaso

Pallaso has managed to represent the Mayanja family in music industry this year.  He has produced a number of songs but Wine wine had a different touch. The song was produced by Daddy Andre.

17. Yitayo by Winnie Nwagi and Chosen Blood

The song written by Oman Rafiki came at a time when Uganda lacked a collaboration between a male and female artiste. Chosen Blood vocals and the romantic lines by Winnie Nwagi kept it on market for along time. It was a daily replay in different clubs in Kampala.

18.Squeeze by Fille and Voltage Music

The song done by Rinex production has been a club banger for a months now. It was first premiered at Wave Lounge by Mc Kats who is Fille's hand bag. It received massive reception since then.

19. Maama Bulamu by John Blaq

It hit the airwaves four months back but it is still on the charts. The song connects directly with matters of the heart.

20. Chupa ku Chupa by A Pass

Apart from being a social media bully, the song Chupa ku Chupa has helped A PASS to remain relevant in the music industry this year. The song which came through at the beginning of the year was an anthem in night clubs for almost a period of four months.

21. Sure By Vinka

She has produced a good number of songs this year but Sure comes out as the best hit of the year so them. It is mostly listened to by Kampala Slay queens who lure men to buy for them drinks in bars. It's sound is unique and this could have helped it to stand out in 2019.

22. Enyanda By Sheebah Karungi

The Team No Sleep girl proved her critics that she is still standing. During the verbal war she had with Cindy, a lot of people said she will not have a hit song this year. However, she managed to stand the storm. The Enyanda song is so relates to Sheebah's fans.

23. Nkuliyo By Bebe Cool

The love song Nkuliyo was one of the few songs which people mastered it's lyrics. It topped charts for almost six months yet it was competing with big songs at the time. Nkuliyo was produced by Daddy Andre.

24. Ekiro Muzikiza by Pallaso 

It has only spent two months on charts but it's reception is hopeful.

25. Giddem By Bennie Gunter and Big Tril

The dancehall song can't leave you seated when it's played in a club.