Chagga Returns as Beenie Gunter's  manager

Posted: 2019-07-15T08:58:11Z Read: 2,677 times
Chagga Returns as Beenie Gunter's  manager

Dancehall singer Beenie Gunter will now work with former Goodlyfe manager, Chagga as his new manager.

Talent Africa which has been handling only his bookings said they are now doing a 360 management for the artiste.

The new deal offers a full 360 marketing, recording, collaborations and production package that will leverage his unique sound and cross appeal to take his brand global.

The new deal comes with Talent Africa, employing two new members who will form the management team for Beenie Gunter.

Besides Chagga, Talent Africa has also hired a publicist and marketer, Wamala Wyclef.