Kenneth Mugabi Thrills Fans At ‘Ugandan’ Album Launch

Posted: 2019-07-01T07:07:34Z Read: 1,593 times
Kenneth Mugabi Thrills Fans At ‘Ugandan’ Album Launch

Best known and admired for his melodic voice and a unique ability to tap into different narratives that relate to the 'everyday Ugandan', Kenneth Mugabi, proved to be one of the country’s finest artistes on Saturday when he launched his “Ugandan” album at Design Hub in Bugolobi.

Mugabi, who uses his story telling techniques to craft beautiful music, showed why he has garnered such a passionate following in few years. His fans will live to remember his performance for a long time.  He brought out surprise acts on stage that helped him deliver the songs they collaborated on for the new album.

These included; Lillian Mbabazi and Angela Kalule. These two took the celebrations to the next level with Lillian not only performing her collaboration "Inkusubwabwa" with Kenneth but also performing her smash hit "Dagala" that sent the crowd into a frenzy.

He also perfomed songs like "Ekigo" a collaboration with Maureen, "Olugendo" done with Iryn Namubiru, "Nkakwanye ntya" an inspiration from a high school crash that he had and last but not least "Oliwa" all off his Ugandan album.

“This album is a very special one to me in many ways than one; it helped me open myself to fresh ways of creating music hence tapping into a new audience that I didn’t know I had. Thank you all for the support. I am more than grateful,” said Mugabi.

Mugabi performed songs like "Naki" and "Nkwegomba" a fan’s favourite that had show-goers humming along to every word.

The event that was sponsored by Johnnie Walker Highball was nothing short of fun as the cocktails kept coming throughout the night.

“Kenneth is an outstanding force in the music industry and right now his fresh take on music is something that needs to be celebrated. Johnnie Walker being an icon of progress decided to celebrate the incredible steps forward that artistes like Kenneth are making,” said Roger Agamba, International Premium Spirits Brand Manager, Uganda Breweries Limited.

 Mugabi’s music is a refreshing addition to local music as the artiste creates content that resonates with middle-aged and older music fans telling unique stories through his music.