Ethic’s Figa Video Overtakes Diamond’s Inama on YouTube

Posted: 2019-06-29T08:10:00Z Read: 2,449 times
Ethic’s Figa Video Overtakes Diamond’s Inama on YouTube

By Rodgers Omondi via  Mdundo

Kenyan music group Ethic on Friday released the much awaited music video for their latest single dubbed Figa.

The video posted on Friday has already got over 300,000 page views and over 2,000 comments.

The video featuring popular radio presenter Kamene Goro excited most music lovers, and made it to the number one trending video on YouTube, overtaking Inama by celebrated Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz.

Before Ethic released the video, Diamond’s Inama had held position for almost a week.

The goup made up of four young men namely; Swat, Rekles, Zilla and Seska is currently one of the biggest music groups in Kenya, owing to thei appeal to the Kenyan youth.

The group released their first single dubbed ‘Lamba Lolo’ in 2018, before proceeding to produce other songs that later become major hits in the country.

Their unique style of music, their lyrics, and their videos have endeared them to the Kenyan audience.