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Museveni Compensates Promoters & Event Organizers With 1 Billion

Posted: 2019-06-18T08:30:58Z Read: 1,799 times
Museveni Compensates Promoters &  Event Organizers With 1 Billion

Howwe has been reliably informed that a section of promoters and event organizers are now all smiles after being  given Shs 1 billion as a compensation for  the losses incurred in the previous shows which  were cancelled after booking musician Bobi Wine.

Under their umbrella called Uganda  Promoters & Venue Owners Network (UPONET), they appealed to President Museveni, who promised them Shs 1 billion but they were first given Shs 200m.

A member of the group identified as Tonny Sempijja teamed with Gen Salim Saleh, to get the Museveni's attention and finally, they were given 1 billion.

We have also been informed that UPONET  has over 200 members and they are already clashing over the money.

 It is said that Tonny Sempijja, who spearheaded the cause was sidelined and didn't get any single coin.

It is reported that  the money was shared among a few individuals and the person who got the least share, received Ugx 4,600,000.

We are yet to reveal the names  of all the members that received the money. Watch the space!