Song Review: Enswa by Tyler Himself

Posted: 2019-06-12T10:32:00Z
Song Review: Enswa by Tyler Himself

Upcoming singer Tyler Himself promised back to back music releases and he is delivering. His latest jam, "Enswa", comes after two of his delightful songs, "Interesting" and "Like Glue", a collaboration with Mun G.

In Enswa, Tyler mixes dancehall and afrobeat. There are songs you like gradually as a result of repeated play or aggressive promotions, but Enswa is one you love at first listen.  

The chorus is extremely catchy. Enswa is a local word to mean, white ants, you’ll wonder, why would someone sing about white ants (Haha). He only used it as a reference to girls. He praises the female specie, but you might never realize if you only listen to music when you’re high in a bar. You need to pay attention to the lyrics to grasp the whole concept.

Tyler mixes luganda and English (or is it patois?) and without words like Enswa and other luganda references, one would  think, it is a song by a Jamaican or something from foreign land. The beat synched beautifully with the singer’s voice. No surprise there, give Tyler any beat and he will kill it. Artin Pro, who is the producer of the moment, recorded this one. And he never disappoints. It was wise for Tyler to seek Artin. 

The video is also delightful to watch. Some songs are danceable on audio, and you never want to sit back and watch, Enswa is not in that category.

Tyler is fast becoming  big influence in the dancehall arena.