Leila Kayondo Desperately Hunting For New Management

Posted: 2019-05-07T06:17:18Z Read: 1,922 times
Leila Kayondo Desperately Hunting For New Management

Over a month ago, struggling singer Leila Kayondo quit Nigeria’s Striker Entertainment where she had been signed for close to 2 years for reasons she declined to mention.

Sources say, she fell out with their mode of operations as it is rumoured that the label is linked to a drug cartel that operates overall Africa.

The “manifesto” singer is now urgently searching for new management to take over her no more career.

Leila has had a few hit songs over the years but it's her debatable lifestyle that has kept her in the news.

However word on street is that most talent managers have turned her down because they accuse her of being unserious and spending most of her time in bars other than baking new ideas in studio.