Bobi Wine Releases New Song ' Afande' , Dedicates It To Police

Posted: 2019-04-26T09:23:13Z Read: 2,367 times
Bobi Wine Releases New Song ' Afande' , Dedicates It To Police
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Musician turned politician, Bobi Wine has on several occasions clashed with the Police after falling on the wrong side of the public order management act.

On Easter Monday, he was intercepted on his way to One love Beach in Busabala and he was placed under house arrest.

Because of this saga, the self-proclaimed Ghetto gladiator has released a song dubbed “Afande”, dedicated to the men and women in police uniform.

In the song, he asks the police to let him fight for them, saying he is not against them but fighting for them.

 “Dear friends, I used the past two days under house arrest to compose a song which I dedicate to our men and women in uniform. While we are very grateful for the sacrifices they make to keep us and our country safe, we implore them to stop being used to violate the rights of the citizens. We hope they can realise that they are pawns in the grand plan of the dictator to keep himself in power. The problems the common citizen of Uganda faces are the same they face- or even worse. Our message to them is this- WE ARE NOT FIGHTING THEM, WE ARE FIGHTING FOR THEM. Hope you enjoy it, and I hope you can share it with your father, mother, brother, sister, daughter, son or friend who serves in the armed forces.

#enoughisenough,” Bobi Wine posted on his social media platforms