Jose Chameleone Unites Weasel And Chagga

Posted: 2019-04-25T06:44:18Z
Jose Chameleone Unites Weasel And Chagga

Weasel and Chagga have not been seeing eye to eye lately over late Mowzey Radio's music . Chagga claimed that Weasel had no right over their music. He said that Weasel should be seeking permission from Radio's family before releasing music that belongs to Goodlyfe.

He added that Weasel is lazy,  that he doesn't want to create new music.  Weasel responded by saying he needed time to heal. There was a back and forth, until Chagga lost his job as Goodlyfe manager.

 On Tuesday, Chameleone  invited all former members of Leone Island for a barbecue and encouraged them to work together. It was at this point that Chagga and Weasel made peace.

He also asked them for their support in his bid for the Kampala Mayorship seat.