Why Ugandan Music Videos Don’t Win International Awards

Posted: 2014-09-11T07:57:52Z

No offense, the music videos surely need a twist , more like a redemption for the industry sake. Here ‘s what have observed through the years of my existence in Uganda.

An artist can have a really nice song  then when it comes to the video things go bizarre, that alone has made them every year for over 5 yrs or so to be able to only compete locally, yet when interviewed they always say I want to go international.

Tell me how someone out there will know of your potential if your music video can’t compete internationally? Audio is not enough because videos is what people want lately .going to perform out is not enough .

If you can’t spend enough money for a better video then try to portray what’s in the lyrics in your video, because am tired of artists whose lyrics talk about hustling and in the video the person is chilling in the beach or driving some fancy car , that’s contradiction you can’t do that again ,my advice shoot your video like a movie since for movies all they do is transform the script into a scene that’s in line with the script. The music video should also match the lyrics.

Another big mistake is having say A Pepsi bill board appear in your back ground when you’re not even advertising for Pepsi, Someone having many banners for multi cooperation companies that’s free advertising , if you must have one let it be for pay. Well all the same the music has totally changed and its better than it was before the new millennium . Please just be professional at your job and give us good videos big ups to all those with good videos and good job done video shooting crews thanks and I wish y’all the best

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