Artistes That Are Too Good But Can't Stage A Fine Concert

Posted: 2019-03-07T05:58:46Z
Artistes That Are Too Good But Can't Stage A Fine Concert


Real names Bagonza Alex is undoubtedly one of the best talented Ugandan musicians. He has a rich voice, good lyrics and is versatile. But you won't have him in one man show soon.

This is because he has no management team to massage his ego and keep him focused on the goal. Also, his music doesn't appeal to the mass market, they think he is a comedian. 


She replaced Irene Ntale about 2 years ago following her exit from Swangz Avenue .Vinka has performed well musically since last year. However , Swangz Avenue is not willing to inject any amount of money to organise a concert for any of their artistes. Swangz staged a show debuted "date night with Irene Ntale" in 2016 to deter her from leaving the label, however she quit and  the bosses vowed never to repeat the same mistake.

Winnie Nwagi

Swangz Avenue has been in talks with KT Promotions to handle Winnie's concert but he keeps turning them down, saying he is not ready to a register a flop. He advised Swangz to organise the concert.

Winnie Nwagi is gifted with good vocals but we might not see her in a concert soon.

Bobi wine

Singer cum politician Robert Kyagulanyi is unlikely to hold any musical show anytime soon following his attack on President Museveni at  Kyarenga concert at was held at Busabala beach.

Fik Fameica

After a major flop last year at Kyadondo Rugby club, the "my property star" is likely to go slow on concerts. Music critics say 2019 is already a hard on him because of upcoming singer John Blaq.