Recho Ray set to exit TNS

Posted: 2018-10-13T07:26:03Z Read: 4,167 times
Recho Ray set to exit TNS

Team No sleep(TNS) is slowly falling apart.

The latest info is that upcoming rapper Recho Rey is playing defiant games with TNS boss, Jeff Kiwanuka.

According to insiders, Recho Rey may also quit the music label soon though her reasons are not yet clear.

Alternative sources say that Sheebah is overprotective of her. It is said that Sheebah wants to control the young rapper, and Recho Rey feels she suffocating.

This is the same reason why Nina Roz left the group, accusing Sheebah of jealousy.

It should be noted that last month, Chozen Blood officially exited the group citing lack of attention from Jeff Kiwanuka.

"Jeff is only concerned about his 'wife' Sheebah. Other artistes under the label are pushing music on their own," he said.