Cindy Speaks out on Coke studio

Posted: 2018-07-06T07:40:59Z
Cindy Speaks out on Coke studio

Singer Cindy Sanyu has blasted Coke Studio yet again for always choosing unfit musicians to represent Uganda in the noncompetitive music  project, Coke studio.

Speaking to our reporter, she made it clear that singer Lydia Jazmine and the previous representatives were so unfit for the role.

"May be Coke studio fears me. I may bring  down the house musically, " she bragged.

When we asked her whether she is limited by her poor contact access,  she responded furiously bragging that she has a  big team including, grand pa records in Kenya, where Coke studio actually takes place.

"They can't fail to find me. I am all  over social media, my contacts are available. I have a strong management, that's why I have been able to survive for all these eight years  ever since I embarked on a solo, career, " she explained.