Fefe Bussi Attacks To GNL Zamba

Posted: 2018-04-21T06:36:34Z Read: 11,050 times
Fefe Bussi Attacks To GNL Zamba

Rapper Feffe Bussi has been the talk of the town ever since he outed his diss track titled "who is who".In this track, he attacks fellow rappers the likes of Fik Fameica, Victor Kamenyo and Da Agent.

Hip pop being a genre associated with beef, Da Agent and other fresh rappers responded with heavy punchlines in their lyrics.

Legendary Luga flow singer GNL Zamba who left the country around 2014 was silent amidst all this and fans kept poking him to teach these rappers who is the king of the Luga flow. On Wednesday, he dropped a jam titled “Yours sincerely”. In the song, he makes it clear that he is here to educate and he is still the 'General' of this game.

When this landed in Fefe Bussi’s ears, the self-proclaimed trendsetter,  he said,

"First of all, I am proud that have been able to awaken him, he left the country to venture into the film industry. I used to listen to GNL while in S.2  but it's great that GNL can feel my a bite as a newcomer," he concluded.