Chagga Haunted By plagiarism Ghost

Posted: 2018-03-21T07:23:51Z
Chagga Haunted By  plagiarism Ghost

Goodlyfe manager and singer, Chagga dropped a new gospel single last week titled "Nsasira". He hadn't released any song ever since he took on the role of managing the dynamic duo, Radio and Weasel in 2014.

We have been reliably informed that late  Mowzey  Radio had penned down this song for his mentor and manager, Chagga.

However, Chagga has duplicated the beats of  Bafana’s song, "Nsuna Suna" that he outed in 2015.

The two songs fall in the reggae genre.

When we contacted Bafana for a comment,  he said that people will always copy what is good. He is working on ways to secure his projects and take legal actions against such practices.