New Details Emerge About Weasel firing Chagga

Posted: 2018-03-16T06:41:38Z
New Details Emerge About Weasel firing Chagga

Goodlyfe half singer, Weasel and his longtime manager, Chagga have parted ways. Weasel announced on Tuesday that he had fired his manager with whom  Goodlyfe has worked with since the time of Jeff Kiwanuka.

Howwe understands that their misunderstandings stem from a music show in Busia where Weasel was supposed to perform on Thursday and Friday last week. Weasel however was reluctant to spare days from his engagements with Bryan White Foundation to travel to Busia. He chose to snub the shows.

Chagga had previously warned in an interview that Bryan was ruining Weasel’s career. “Weasel had stopped staying where the Goodlyfe members are. He spent all his time at Serena with Bryan. Chagga’s efforts to get him yielded nothing. He refused to pick calls,” relays an insider in the Goodlyfe camp

It is these same shows that got Emma Carlos fired.

“Chagga sat with the promoters and decided to make it up to them at a considerable cost lesser than what they parted with in the first place,” says a source.

Weasel wasn’t involved in the meetings so he refused to perform.

Enraged Chagga started attacking Bryan White and Weasel something that has led to his firing.