Sheebah & Pallaso's "Go Down Low" Video Is So Addictive -- Here is Why.

Posted: 2014-08-14T08:34:30Z

Watch ‘Go Down Low,’ And Wave Goodbye To Your Social Life (Because It’s THAT Addictive)

Stop everything you're doing, whether or not you're a Sheebaholic - Pallaso fan, because we finally have a video that is actually worth your music obsession time. A video that I say is a classic (Obviously, it is an African-fun related song, because why would we ever suggest you spend your time watching something not fun-related?).

The video was directed by Sasha Vybez who decisively didn't need to have it shot from South Africa or Dubai for perfection. A classic art in the making.

It was the girls against the boys -- dancing like they just had invented the African version of stomping the yard. Sheebah was all over the place with confidence that her team would definitely take it. The girls were crazy.

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The boys led by the Pallaso had great and fantastic moves and .. wait ... Did I just mention that Pallaso danced, for real?.. You'd not believe it if it wasn't what you can see by yourself.

Assuredly, Sheebah and her dance queens did win the battle, their Choreography was memorable... the video is all 3:38 fantastic, you've to check it out. Like I said, it is addictive, once you start, you might never stop. (I practically watched it more than 30 times... but I still feel the need watch it again).

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