Fyonna Nsubuga Sets Trend

Posted: 2014-08-13T04:08:29Z

They say self belief can take you far and this is exactly what singer fyonna Nsubuga has embarked on. Following her mesmerising video premier week the first of its kind in the history of video premiers, she has now raised the bar again by being the first Ugandan artist based abroad to tour Uganda using music.

The tour she has named mpaka mwisho eastern tour has local based artists such as barbie jay, Nutty neithan, Mc fish, Evah Nabawanga and honey bee. and Mc fish will happen on 14th at Lugazi, 15th at Jinja and Conclude it at Iganga. In the music world this move has been welcomed by many and motivational factor to all artists based overseas and a challenge to local based artists who most of time wait for a hit song to organise such an event.

The former Tab lmpala vocalist a London based band Considered as. Os highly rated as the most complete and versatile artist currently in the industry and a big challenge to the old timers.