Apass Is now irrelevant — Latinum

Posted: 2018-01-18T06:57:28Z
Apass Is now irrelevant —  Latinum

Singer Apass is currently in the news not for his music but for attacking  fellow artistes.

Forget his feud with Geosteady and Bebe Cool,he has now shifted his attention to dancehall singer, Latinum. Apass accuses him of zeroxing his lifestyle and brand.  Starting from music, the way he talks , dresses and many more .He actually recorded a short facebook video stinging Latinum.

The 'Man Away' singer has responded by  comparing Apass to a Chameleone .  He further says Apass is irrelevant and has no good music at the moment.Through a phone call interview,  he said , “Apass has no music and he is now jumping on fellow artistes to remain trending. Everytime we meet, he says hi. He changes colour like a Chameleone. He is just a hypocrite,”.

Latinum also assured us that he can only fight with Apass lyrically.

"My craft has nothing to do with Apass may be if he just jealous," he concluded.