Why Fik Fameika Purchased A Family Car Not Toyota Wish

Posted: 2018-01-13T09:29:30Z Read: 11,134 times
Why Fik Fameika Purchased A Family Car Not Toyota Wish

Fast rising artiste, Fik Fameika recently bought a new car. Of course, he flooded pictures on his social media platforms. There was full flagged photo shoot dedicated to the launch of his ‘new baby’. The resemblance was uncanny since the bright red car and Fik Fameika’s camouflage outfit made it hard to tell the two apart.

Naturally, most haters, especially those accustomed to taxi struggles couldn’t help but wonder why he would opt for a family car as opposed to something that spells it Hip hop luga-flow ace. So to break it down for the fans in general, here are 5 reasons why: Fik Fameika would buy a Toyota Wish.

Had a good year

Towards the end of 2017, Fik Fameika had dominated the media scene. His hit Kutama was playing on all media waves, gigs were coming in from all directions, and with all this fame coming his way, money followed. It’s no surprise therefore that he decided to splurge some of the dimes and treat himself to an Uber free 2018.

Good financial advisor

Unlike some artistes who invest their profits into crazy and expensive brand name like sports cars, Fik decided to start small and spend within his means.

Space bonus

Imagine a celeb rolling up without his boys to cheer him on and possibly inspire his next track…this would not be a good look. A Toyota Wish however takes care of this problem. No convoy needed with this mini-van arrangement for the crew. He can even make room for his mega speakers and a minibar with the proper planning.

WISH fever

Ugandans in general love to jump onto trends. The Toyota Wish has been the ‘must have’ car of 2017 with the UBB plate being its hype factor and the good fuel consumption to boot.


The Wish is a perfect car for most day jobs. I’m talking Uber driver gigs, special hire, mini-taxi, nursery school vans, even wedding entourage hires. For someone with a night job, this is the most economical purchase Fik Fameika has made for 2018.