Interview: Fik Fameika is Single; Irene Ntale is his Favourite and More …

Posted: 2018-01-11T08:30:20Z
Interview: Fik Fameika is Single; Irene Ntale is his Favourite and More …

Fast rising artiste, Walukaga Shafik popularly known for his stage name Fik Fameika has been in the entertainment industry for a short time but the remarkable impact he has on the fans is amazing.

He has blessed the screens, radio airwaves and other media outlets with his blend of dancehall and Afro-pop that is a breather from your average Ugandan music well-knit in Luga-flow style.

Yesterday, our snoops caught up with him and asked him a few question during #KutamaLife session at Africell Head Offices. Read on;

Howwe: Are you dating?

Fik Fameika: I am single, actually ladies fear me… right now, and I am not seeing any one!

Howwe: Who is your favorite female artist?

Fik Fameika: Irene Ntale

Howwe: How many songs do you have since the start of your career in 2015?

Fik Fameika: I have about 100 songs; however, some are not yet released.

Howwe: What is your favourite football team?

Fik Fameika: I support Arsenal, and my favourite player is Mesut Ozil

Howwe: What is your favourite meal?

Fik Fameika: Rice and Peas

Howwe: What is your education background?

Fik Fameika: I dropped out of school after my S.6 because I had  my strong reasons. But I don’t support anyone to dropping out of school, however, if your reasons are valid like mine…then its okay.

Lastly any message to your fans (See video below)