Musicians That Have Been Silent In Year 2017

Posted: 2017-11-29T07:28:52Z Read: 7,069 times
Musicians That Have Been Silent In Year 2017

Last year, these artistes were so trending, however, they suddenly dropped to some sort of SILENCE this year by outing 'cold' songs for the Ugandan audience. We have the list.

Ziza Bafana

Self-proclaimed God of dancehall music, Ziza Bafana had a successful 2016 with major club bangers like “Tuli Majje” , “Kalule” ,”friendly match” among many others. However, this year you can hardly hear his vibes.
He recently dropped “batutunze” jam that has failed to be picked by clubs and Radio stations.


He became a darling to many last year and was able to bed a few slay queens after the smash hit, “Dangerous”.
2017 has been a hard year for him even after releasing songs like “Billion girls”, ”Koola Na biino”.

Lil Pazo

He became popular with his jam “Genda Ogule emotooka” that became an anthem. He acquired a Toyota Raum before he faded away with his jam. We are told he is still doing shows off his jam in rural areas of the country.


Struggling dancehall singer, Vamposs had one of the biggest songs last year “Smart wire”. He disappeared with the song.

King Saha

He has really struggled this year. We don't why?

Winnie Nwagi

Who could resist Winnie Nwagi’s songs like “Musawo”, “Magic”, and “Kano Kozze?”
At least if you didn’t get up to dance, you couldn’t resist nodding in approval.
Apart from appearing in gym dressed in knickers, and feeding on Swangz Avenue’s food, she has had a terrible 2017. Her latest songs like “Show me”, and “Detergent” have not worked for her.

Who else have we forgotten?