Opinion: Is Radio And Weasel Living “A Good Life?”

Posted: 2017-11-09T08:13:44Z
Opinion: Is Radio And Weasel Living “A Good Life?”

Is Radio and Weasel musically relevant ever since they exited Jeff Kiwa’s camp? This is a question many keep asking themselves.

Well, the duo broke to fame in 2008 with their smash hit “Nakudatta” after breaking ties with their music godfather, Jose Chameleone and since then, Radio and Weasel have not looked back outing hit after Hit.

On Friday Last week, the dynamic duo celebrated 10 years in the music business at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds.

But, is Radio and Weasel measuring up to the current music standards or not. Well, I must say they are doing moderately well and not like how many expected them to prevail after Jeff. The music group once in a while scoops internationally nominations, deals and the most recent one was a collaboration with South Africa’s duo Locanville which credited their accounts with USD 50k. Like that’s not enough, Radio and Weasel are soon heading for a great music deal with Warner Bros, Inc, an international entertainment company popularly known for movies.

After moving on from Jeff management in 2014, the group has still dropped music ‘anthems’ like Neera Neera, Juicy Juicy, Lessu, Bikoola, Kangunaye, Breathe Away and the most recent club banger, Gutamiza Ft B2C. These guys are better off than Red Banton, Henry Tigan, Ziza Bafana, Jamal Waswa who slid to the valley after breaking ties with their management.

In addition, their just-concluded Concert can be seen as a rebirth of Radio and Weasel; they claimed their position on the entertainment ladder as they attracted a mammoth turn up and swept revelers off their feet with endless hits for two hours performing their timeless hits.