Who Is Your Favourite 'Latinum Vs Ceaserous', Musically Speaking

Posted: 2017-09-21T07:57:05Z Read: 7,629 times
Who Is Your Favourite 'Latinum Vs Ceaserous', Musically Speaking

Latinum and Ceaserous have in the past year gained massive popularity, proving themselves a force to be reckoned with in the dancehall music genre. While this beat-off may not have crossed your mind, it goes without saying that sooner or later, these two would have to be bested on each other.  

So in the red corner, the prince of dancehall-ragga beats, releasing his first song in 2016 but is leaving track marks everywhere he goes…Latinum. In the blue corner-oozing cool through his neat blend of reggae, dancehall and Luganda, and a favorite of many ladies…Ceaserous.

Both artists have had their fair share of the spotlight. While Ceaserous’ Nice and good has a slow wine ring to it, Latinum’s Baabo triggers those dance dancehall moves. Then there’s dangerous, Nice and Good, Kilila, Into you, she know, all hits from Ceaserous that turn the place topsy-turvy. While Latinum gives him a run for his money with Kagwilawo, Wi Deyah, Amanya gange, Nze Nkuba…Ceaserous dominates this round.

Latinum knows exactly what buttons to turn on to amp up the place. He performs with such high voltage that takes the audience from 0-psyched in no time. Although Ceaserous focuses on the less rachet side of a performance and mostly the vocals, they both deliver stunning performances.

When it comes to who has the most collabos, Latinum is in the lead on this one. He has featured artists like Dj Shiru, Ykee Benda, Weasel, Spice Diana and Beenie Gunter. Ceaserous, on the other hand, prefers a solo streak.

Who says you can take my word for it though, the two will be showcasing their skills live at the Club Dome IUEA over the weekend. That way, you can be your own judge on who dominates dancehall.