Women Abandon Big Eye At Concert

Posted: 2017-09-11T10:58:23Z Read: 2,228 times
Women Abandon Big Eye At Concert

Singer Big eye is not a happy man. Two weeks back, we caught him colliding with a city promoter, Mutiima in Masaka for money.

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Recently, he was among the artistes that performed at Geosteady’s concert at Imperial Royale last Friday. After his performance, he went backstage and he tried sweet talk women but they were not interested. He went to the VIP section with one of his boys, Stuart.

The whole night, he kept on his phone but looked isolated and alone. He loves being surrounded by women but he couldn’t one to keep him busy. People say it's his ex-wife Don Zella's witch craft that is seeing him not have women around him.

We shall keep you posted