Mina Izah hooks P Square's Paul

Posted: 2017-09-05T09:27:17Z
Mina Izah hooks P Square's Paul

Curvy singer Mina Nakayiza alias Mina Izah recently traveled to Las Vegas, USA for the UNNA(Ugandans living in North America Association) causes.

Among the artistes headline for the show was the Nigeria's star P Square.

Minah Izah was super excited after landing an opportunity to rub shoulders with P Square's Paul. She posted the picture on her facebook.

When we interviewed Minah over the phone, she said that the experience was extremely awesome.”Those guys are nice and they were friendly to everyone,” she said. 

However, when we asked her if she was able to retain his number for a date later, the Lindazi singer laughed it off saying there was nothing beyond pictures.

UNAA is aimed at uniting Ugandans living in North America however this year the organizing committee slept into two factions creating one for Las Vegas and the other one of Miami which is still the most dominate, it attracted performers like Mad rat and chiko, Salvdo, Winnie Nwagi, Alex Muhangi, Mariachi among many others .