Exposed: 5 Artistes Musically Struggling This Year

Posted: 2017-08-03T07:18:31Z Read: 8,507 times
Exposed: 5 Artistes Musically Struggling This Year

As we count 5 months to end this year, here is a list of some local artistes showing signs of no improving musically 2017.

 Ziza Bafana

Popularly known for his signature ‘Ratatata’ had a massive 2016 with jams like Tuli Majje, Akalulu, Gulamanazomye among many others. However, Bafana is not producing good music this year. This could be blamed on changing management several times.The singer has outed songs like Cash, Joker that have failed to receive a response from the public.


He came through with a unique style and his single dangerous got him busy with girls other than hitting the studio to craft something fresh. Ceaserous please don't be like Dax Kartel who spends more time discussing Irene Ntale and Sheeba rather than making hits to maintain his peacock hair style. Ceaserous is having a terrible year with much of jams like Billion girls and the most recent one Kilila receiving nursery attention.

 Lydia Jazmine 

She is the only female artiste that makes it to this list. She received platinum recognition after collaborating with singer Geosteady on ‘same way’. She went for coke studio for the first time last year. She confessed that all the yields from Coke studio were diverted to traveling to South Africa for MAMas where Cheri video was shot. The song failed to capture the attention of the listeners.

Jasmine recently dropped a new hit ‘Nkubanja’ written by Moses Radio but it is slowly finding its way at a shallow spot on city countdown chats.


Singer Wabuyi Gibson commonly known as Gravity will soon find his way back to "arrow boy" days if he doesn't hype up his game Gravity had his ‘Money’ song that features David Lutalo doing tremendously well last year. Currently, he is doing badly. He even tried to sing about the most "most" beautiful woman in the music business, Zuena, wife to Bebe cool but the video didn't even fetch 10 thumbs ups on You tube.

 King Saha 

‘Mulilwana’ hit singer had a beautiful last year with ‘Mwana Gwe’.

King Saha also had a song ‘Science’ featuring Winnie Mwagi however, this year is has gone without notice.

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