Nubian Li Opens Up About Music Career After Bobi Wine Joining Parliament

Posted: 2017-07-07T07:47:58Z
Nubian Li Opens Up About Music Career After Bobi Wine Joining Parliament

Many music lovers and especially fire base fans have been contemplating about the future of singer NUBIAN Li after his singing comrade; Bobi Wine joined politics as the new Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East.

Nubian Li broke to fame in 2007 after featuring on ‘Adam ne Kawa’ hit song with Bobi wine. And since then, the two have dropped songs like Abalungi balumya, Nakumiss, Aidha,  Kigwa leero among many others.

We caught up with the ‘Esiimu’ star through a phone interview and this is what he shared. Read on;

Reporter: Nubian Li what's your next move?

Nubian: You see, what people don't get is that Bobi Wine going to Parliament doesn’t mean that he is musically incapable. He has just added another rank on his career but we have a lot of music in store.

Reporter: How many songs do you have in the 'store' you are talking about?

Nubian: We have many songs and we are just creating space to start shooting videos. Now that the campaigns are done, we can focus is music.

Reporter: So, are you going to be at the forefront on Tuesday while he swears in?

Nubian: I don't need to be at the front but I am always supportive and behind each project. I wish my brother a good career.

Reporter: Lastly, how did you come up with the music that you create with Bobi Wine?

Nubian: I and Bobi Wine create music as a result of a good vibe. We don’t plan it. To us music is passion.