Dust Off: King Saha Vs Geosteady, Who Is Better?

Posted: 2017-06-29T07:39:15Z
Dust Off: King Saha Vs Geosteady, Who Is Better?

Singer Kigozi George alias Geosteady is one of the hottest cake on the music scene currently with mega jams like Tokendeza, Owooma, Mbuza, same   way to mention but a few. Today, we battle him out with silk-voiced singer King Saha on the Celebrity death match.

Vocal Ability

King Saha sings in a high pitch and has trouble with voice variations; he can't go up and down on the same verse. Mostly, what Saha does is pure crying.

On the other hand, Geosteady has a perfect voice beyond description, his calmness and ability of voice variations is epic.

Geosteady 55% and King Saha scores 45%


These two don't define the true definition of Swag but however one is better than the other. King Saha is a local champion type and never looks cool with anything on him. Geosteady is slightly above average and will kill a hot look before stepping out.

Geosteady scores 80% and King Saha hits 20%


Who pulls more female attention than the other? Does this really need any debate or it's in black and white. Geosteady pulls the ladies with his smoothly catchy lyrics and vocals. Most ladies prefer Geosteady’s songs in their Gallery. King Saha is more popular at Kwanjula ceremonies.

King Saha scores 20% while Geosteady scores 80%

King of lyrics

King Saha is always crying in his song. No powerful message. This is what he has been doing since his breakthrough on ‘Mulilwana’ hit song in 2015.

Geosteady is melodic, does voice variations and very rich on lyrics.

Saha is hits 40 % while Geosteady 60%