Faded Singer Ziggy Dee Resurrects...Plans A HUGE Comeback

Posted: 2017-06-11T07:56:06Z
Faded Singer Ziggy Dee Resurrects...Plans A HUGE Comeback

Faded singer Ziggy Dee, real name Adam Mutyaba, who was popular in the early 2000’s for singles like “Eno Mic” and “Sunda” among others, has revealed that he is planning to release a new album later this year and make a concert after more than a decade of silence. 

While appearing on a local TV for an interview, Ziggy Dee revealed that he got saved and now only does music that inspires. He further revealed that he has been working on the album for some time now.

“I have taken a lot of time working on this album because I want to do something nice. I want to do a couple of videos and then I will be announcing an album launch,” he said. 

The singer further revealed that he had taken off time concentrating on his private life and helping out the poor. 

"I have been in building schools in Mukono and doing agriculture. I can assure you am still relevant and can sing," he roared

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