Tension As Kalifah Aganaga And Emma Carlos CLASH Over Spice Diana

Posted: 2017-06-10T13:51:00Z
Tension As Kalifah Aganaga And Emma Carlos CLASH Over Spice Diana

We have exclusively learned that Khalifah AgaNaga and Spice Diana have a collabo titled 'Abo  Sagala'.

However, to understand this you need to know the fact the two artists have a VERY controversial history. During her impressionable year 2015, Emma and AgaNaga agreed to sign up  Spice Diana who had hit single ONSANULA. Along the way, it was rumoured that Emma and Spice got SO CLOSE at the expense of Khalifah.

Naturally, this didn't settle well with Khalifah and it created unnecessary tension that eventually led to the termination of their working relationship between her.  

Now, the latest information indicates that a few weeks ago Khalifah secretly invited Spice Diana to the studio and they recorded a song behind Emma's back. When he learned of it, he quickly rushed to the studio and caused chaos. His argument was that Khalifah pushed him to terminate Spice Diana's contract then why invite her for a collabo.  

Our source close to this situation says the only THING that saved the day — was after Emma listened to the song which is anticipated to be a banger.

Meanwhile, all parties have agreed to go ahead with the project but insiders say it's just a matter of time before things go out of hand because both men have feelings for the female artist.

We shall keep you posted