"I Am better than Gravity Omutujju" — Da Agent

Posted: 2017-06-05T07:13:28Z Read: 14,741 times
"I Am better than Gravity Omutujju" — Da Agent

Fastest rapper and new kid on the block, Da Agent has left many people impressed by his luga flow style. Rumor has it that Gravity Omutujju has been threatened by the birth of this new hood rapper who defines his style of rap as ‘Lufla’.

When Da Agent was asked why he chose that name, he told us that he slaughters lyrics just like an abattoir.

"I Am better than Gravity Omutujju, I rap faster than him”, said Da Agent during a phone interview.

Gravity has tried to switch words in his recent songs like ‘Musomesa’ but critics say he was about to chock.

Da Agent claims that Gravity appeals to an older generation that doesn't understand his style. We tried to reach out to Gravity on his known contact but he didn’t pick.

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