Mowzey Radio Speaks Out Chagga's Dismissal

Posted: 2017-05-16T07:56:59Z
Mowzey Radio Speaks Out Chagga's Dismissal

Mid last week, rumours circulated on social and in mainstream media that Goodlyfe singing duo, Radio and Weasel had sacked Geoffrey Kyagambidwa a.k.a. a Chagga as their manager. The news spread like wildfire and singer Radio was forced to come out to clear the air.

In an exclusive interview with Radio, he informed us that their haters have been spreading the absurd news. 

“I am surprised and still shocked where these lazy journalists get this information.  I and Weasel have known Chagga ever since we started singing. He has been our brother and mentor. We have done so much work and we are still doing work. We have never stopped working with him and he is still our manager. Those people who are busy spreading those rumours are just idle. We are busy working on different projects and people who don’t wish us well are there spreading false information” Radio said.

Radio and Weasel fell out with their first ever manager Jeff Kiwa and ever since then, critics say, the duo has never been the same. Critics blame the poor management but the duo has never settled for critic’s comments as they have kept producing songs nonstop.

The duo has been fighting with Jeff Kiwa since last year over property located in Makindye.  The case is in Makindye court.