Singer TK Lady Is An Idiot— Leila Kayondo

Posted: 2017-05-11T08:42:51Z Read: 6,228 times
Singer TK Lady Is An Idiot—  Leila Kayondo

There has been a social media fight between singer TK Lady and faded musician Leila Kayondo. TK accuses Leila of stealing her clothes, husband and all that she owns in her life. She accuses the singer of being a bad hearted and fame hungry person. When the news circulated on social media last week, Leila remained tight lipped about the allegations.

In a brief a telephone chat with Leila’s manager, he informed us that no one knows TK lady and he also claimed that Leila doesn’t know her. “Leila, I am sure is not friends with that idiot. Personally, I have never met her and I don’t wish to know her. Leila owns enough property and she can buy her own clothes.  She can have any man she wants at any given day. How can she steal a man- manager?

He assured us more that TK lady is just looking for cheap popularity by attacking Leila. He claims Leila is a well-established artist who can’t go that low. He says her responding to such silly allegations gives her what she wants.