Solome Basuuta's New Song — 'Nsuubira’ — Download Now

Posted: 2017-02-09T15:41:08Z Read: 4,641 times
Solome Basuuta's New Song — 'Nsuubira’   — Download Now

Nsuubira is a luganda word that means “I HOPE.”

Solome Basuuta, also known as the Queen of Love penned the song as a dedication to those who have gone through or might be going through a turbulent phase in their relationships.

Using her sweet vocals, Solome encourages us all not to give up HOPE however hopeless the situation may appear, because every dark cloud has a silver lining after all.

The song’s smooth and sensual lyrics perfectly infuse into carefully picked out piano keys and guitar strings.

Nsuubira’s chorus has catchy lines that will surely give all those who had lost HOPE something to look forward to in their relationships. NSUUBIRA