'Don't Compare Me With A Pass' — Ceaserous (Video)

Posted: 2017-01-28T10:27:33Z Read: 8,200 times
'Don't Compare Me With A Pass' — Ceaserous (Video)

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We ran into Afro-pop Dance star Ceaserous at Galaxy Fm's 'Song Of The Year - 2016' prize giveaway recognizing Sheebah's hit song 'Nkwatako' ... and we asked his opinion about his music being compared with that of A Pass.

He didn't seem borthered by the question at all as he revealed it wasn't the first time he was being compared.

"I think they've rated me before. They used to rate me with many artists, with Bebe Cool inclusive, and other guys".

Ceaserous says his music is totally different from that of A Pass.

A Pass being a reggae / dancehall artist and Ceaserous defininng his genre as Afro-pop Dance and Afro-pop Reggae Dance, we can fathom the 'Into You' singer's argument.


Asked who he thinks is better between himself and A Pass;

I think every artist is good. I wouldn't say this one is better, this one is not better. All I know is all of us are two different artists [sic].

Ceaserous expressed his disappointment at the fans doing the comparisions and asked them to stop.

But, the people who are rating us, I think, they shouldn't do the comparision cause [sic] me, am only an artist who does some good work to the fans to enjoy and to empact on the industry to grow more man.

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