Move Over Naava Grey, Esther Nabattanzi Stealing The Shine

Posted: 2017-01-20T07:04:31Z
Move Over Naava Grey, Esther Nabattanzi Stealing The Shine

The first time I watched Esther Nabattanzi’s song on TV, I decided I will like her. In the first place, she sounded (sounds) like Naava Grey. I am Naava’s number one fan. Actually If I had dropped out of school, I would, perhaps, be calling myself Musaayi Gwa Naava. And I would be calling in on music radio programs to request her songs, or I would tattoo the whole of my body with her images. But this new kid on the block tickles me.

Esther. I already stated in the beginning that I like her, but it looks like everyone else does. Some things can never be exclusive, eh. A lot of people are paying attention to this girl’s music. Maybe it is her voluptuous derriere, her come-to-bed voice or her beauty that has hooked everyone. I need to get down on some sort of research.

Musically speaking, it is no doubt that Esther is talented. For now I will conclude that everyone is falling heads over heals for that one reason. Her songs. Her talent. She is behind songs like Gwenafunye, Azalidwa and Tubbale. At least those are all I have watched being played on TV and on urban local radio stations.

The rotational airplay is testimony that things are really going well for Esther. If she can sustain the current form she could win an Oscar, even. Can she topple Naava? Well, as it is now Esther is topping the zouk and rnb streets.

Download her songs here….