Undressing Singer Naira Ali...What You Didn't Know!

Posted: 2017-01-12T14:19:20Z
Undressing Singer Naira Ali...What You Didn't Know!

Naira Ali Nabbatu stage name Naira Ali is a female musician with a soft touch genre kind of music.she is popular for songs such as Tulo, Muntu Wange, Shy girl featuring Ziza Bafana, Masala among many others
On this article, I will share a few things I bet you didn't know about Naira Ali

She was born to Mr Ssesanga Ali and Mrs Ssenga Hawa.Her father was a music deejay during his hey days in a night spot located in Masindi. "Chicago boys" was the group's name he belonged to and on the other side the mother belonged to a church choir.

Naira grew up listening to a lot of Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Afrigo band.These are the key inspirations that have always made her love music.she actually says any time any day she doesn't mind waking up to a Celine Dion's song and would furthermore love to redo Afrigo's Silina anatwala.

She went to a number of schools around Kampala like Kibibi high school, East high Ntinda and later graduated from Makerere university with a bachelors in Industrial art majoring in graphics design.She actually owns a graphics shop downtown where her the elder brother work at.

Leisure time
Naira when not in the studio she is busy watching movies. It's one thing she can do for years with no food if only the world depended on it.

Naira Ali has not won any single award but she believes many are coming pretty soon, however, she has been nominated for breakthrough female artiste, best Reggae song Muntu wange, best Ragga dancehall song shy girl ft Ziza Bafana all in HiPipo awards 2014. Manh, other nominations in Zzina awards and rising star awards.

Naira Ali is a hot temper and doesn't joke a lot, she takes herself too seriously and loses her wires so first but of course, it's a common trait with short people. Not surprising, though.

In 2005, while at Kibibi she aspired for the post of entertainment perfect which she overwhelmingly won beating 5 boys and becoming the very first female to seize the position.

Naira Also has strong feeling for radio and credits him as on if the new age artistes that she would badly love to work with