[Song Review] : Ugandan Rapper Dumar Cane's Latest "GET 'EM"

Posted: 2014-06-11T10:40:34Z Read: 2,414 times

The Urban music being released on the Ugandan music scene these days is mostly 'feel good' musi c(pioneered by AIRPORT TAXI-and believe me, they do bring it justice.). Get 'Em is neither feel good music or regular afro beat filled hip hop. Its new music.

GET 'EM starts off with traditional like incantations like an Igbo tribe preping for a wrestling match between villages. Then comes the unfamiliar, "DUMAR CANE" announcement. You feel your ears clearing wax at the sound of the rather deep voice.

Almost immediately, Cane unleashez a magazine of lyrics at his listeners. Now keep in mind, this is not your typical Ugandan rapper working up an american accent tryna fit in. He sounds like he just stepped off the bus from Arua, but his rhymes are delivered effortlessly like an Obama speech.

DOWNLOAD : Download "Get 'Em" | Free Mp3 download from Dumar's Music Wall.

You cant help but relate, for in GET 'EM, you will find no analogies to BUGGATIS or FERRARIS but Uganda bread metaphor. He raps, "every Nigga dreads me like the word dead/ But I come in the chosen one like John said/" Whether or not he is what the game needs, I leave for you to decide.

But the truth remains; GET 'EM may be first step towards gaining the attention of the modern hip hop listeners. The track is produced by wordxclusive at the prestigious 'The Fame Entertainment' featuring beats by Gray Jons , a prolific Nigerian producer.

The Cane Nation. Download the Get 'em audio from Cane's Music wall on Howwe Entertainment.

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