Rapper Benezeri Solves CODE vs Tucker HD Beef Mystery

Posted: 2016-10-31T09:57:22Z
Rapper Benezeri Solves CODE vs Tucker HD Beef Mystery

There has been an ongoing beef between two young rappers Timothy CODE and Tucker HD each of them vowed to slice the other’s balls if they ever met face to face.

The beef started a few months ago with a question asked by The Mith on his SMASH show on Urban TV. A simple question directed to Timothy CODE who was a guest on the show and the outcome didn’t go down well with Tucker HD.

Apparently CODE mocked and looked down on Tucker HD, comparing him to Meek Mill (who’s regarded as a whack emcee). The result of such statements was so bloody that a fist fight was predicted before the two rappers released songs throwing funny diss statements to each other.

However, one of the fastest rapper commonly known in the media as the “leader of the New Skool” in Ugandan Hip Hop, Benezeri solved the ongoing saga while on the recent interview. The rapper was asked to comment on the CODE vs Tucker HD beef and here is what he had to say;

I believe they are both good, each has their own fan base and I think that their beef brought unparalleled attention to the hip hop genre this year.

Listen to Benzeri's MAMA song featuring Sitenda: