Ykee Benda Ft Sheebah – “Farmer Remix”… My Review

Posted: 2016-10-26T09:10:43Z
Ykee Benda Ft Sheebah – “Farmer Remix”… My Review

A good music video is like great sex, after a marriage to a beautiful woman. Awesome! I can list a bunch of his great videos from Sheebah. And I know that ‘Farmer’ is not on that amazing list.

Like, the song, Farmer, obviously impresses the need to shoot a video that matches up to a particular standard, Sheebah and Ykee Benda treated us a very AVERAGE Music Video.  It’s as though they didn’t want to put any extra effort into giving us better video. Maybe it was an attempt.


If you truly wish to see Sheebah get nominated every year in international awards, then you should visit YouTube and watch how Nigerians and South African organize their video concepts.

What I can deduct is that Video director’s work is in progress. It was the piecing of random dances; uncoordinated choreographed dance moves, a lot of slide shows that stress the eyes, coloured and graded and given to us, thirsty fans of ‘Farmer Rmx’ to savour. Hungry for something, we have eaten and we are afraid to say it doesn’t taste as expected.

In my opinion, TNS needs to derive a new formula by which Sheebah’s videos are in fine hands of experienced modern day videographers. Sheebah is now an international artist we expect top quality works if her dreams to be one of Africa’s finest is on.

My Rating: 5/10

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