Lucky Musicians Who Struggle With Singing But Are Big In Ugandan Music Industry

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Lucky Musicians Who Struggle With Singing But Are Big In Ugandan Music Industry

Good music, everywhere in the world, carries life to the most miserable of soul, safe to say, Music is life. By music standards when you want to rate a song as being good, the first principle on the list will definitely be the voice.

A good voice is etched in reverberation and tone and can withstand the heaviest of pitch be it high or low.

Therefore, good music makes you stay in that blue or pink bubble, that place you feel safe and happy at all time, which makes listening to a bad song make one feel like standing under a bathroom shower tap and allowing the water run into your ear drum.

We will be using the number one criteria of good music (Voice) today to list few top artistes who are the worst singers yet they have managed to keep relevant in the industry better than the likes of vocalists like Juliana, Lilian Mbabazi, Maurice Kirya, Naava Grey and many more. How lucky?

N.B This is not a hateful post, I actually do love some of the artistes on this list.

Professa Big Eye

Big Eye, sounds like someone learning how talk. Honest truth is he is always off key but very blessed with entertainment attribute.

Leila Kayondo

I have listened to her songs over and over again and all I can think of is sticky tongue and making funny noises but then I realized it’s just her voice. Nonetheless, she is a hustler. That’s why she has managed to keep up there

Eddy Kenzo

Of course many people will skin me on this BET Award winner, let’s face it, Kenzo, is a terrible singer however much he is a hardworking music entertainer. Some would want to claim it’s because he has a rough voice…no fan…it’s just clear, he is a terrible singer. When he sings without a beat, he sounds like he swallowed huge donut without water.

Sheebah Karungi

No doubt you are an entertainer, but no sir, singing is a no no. Of course some people will say things. But vocally in a music sense, Sheebah is a baby but again, I think with training, she can get there. You can do it Sheebah, we believe in you. Polish your voice…BET, Grammy Award can be yours

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